Ole Lindgren Ole grew up in a small town at the foot of Cove Mountain in South Central Utah, where he and his brother managed sixty brood mares for the family horse ranch along the Sevier River. He has loved horses from his earliest memory. He took his first paying client at age nine when his uncle offered him $50 to break a colt. A neighbor admired his work and offered him $150 to break a colt for him. By the year 2000, he had trained and finished over 2,000 horses. He still trains horses today as well as judging horseshows and directing the horse program at Sorenson's Ranch School.

Throughout the years Ole has pursued many seemingly unrelated interests that cause one to wonder how anyone could be so diversified and remain focused at the same time. He graduated early from high school to become a white water rafting guide on the American River in California. He went to Alaska to become a mountain climber and guide. After spending a couple of years in Canada, Ole married his high school sweetheart and enrolled in Southern Utah University to study education. He continued to train horses full time while completing the CES Teaching Program. It was at this time that Burnell Sorenson asked Ole to take over the Equestrian Program at Sorensonís Ranch.

Today Ole is the Director of the Equestrian Program here at Sorenson's Ranch School and a leader in the field of Equine Assisted Growth and Wellness. His career focus is to continue to provide the most comprehensive and effective horse program available anywhere. He is a valued member of our treatment team.