David Neslen David is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He grew up in the Salt Lake City area close to the mountains where he had immediate access to skiing, hiking, camping, and mountain biking. He also enjoys all types of sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, golf, and cycling. David received a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Utah. He then worked as a Correctional Officer at the Utah State Prison for over two years after which time he returned to school to work on his Master of Social Work Degree at Brigham Young University. David has worked in both residential and outpatient settings with both adults and adolescents for the past 7 years.

David enjoys working with adolescents mostly because of their energy and passion for life and their ability to make the changes necessary to be successful. He works with a broad range of mental health issues including attachment disorders/adoption issues, mood disorders, oppositional defiance, substance abuse, grief, family problems, and child abuse. His area of expertise is working with adolescents who are adopted and have Reactive Attachment Disorder or unresolved adoption issues. David has also received extra training and expertise in treating adolescents with substance abuse problems.

David lives in Koosharem just down the street from the school. He enjoys the quiet town and the quick access to the mountains that he also enjoyed when growing up. On his days off he likes to go exploring with his children around town and in the mountains on their four-wheeler. He also takes pleasure in visiting the many National Parks and State Parks that are nearby. On a nice day, and even some not so nice days, you can find him cycling on the highways near town.