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Sorenson's Ranch assists teens with problems including ADD, ADHD, depression, oppositional defiance, behavioral problems, anger and much more. The staff is focused on helping students succeed in life.
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Sorenson's Ranch Privacy Policy
  Boys Ranch
Sorenson's Ranch For Boys - A boys school for troubled youth and the top therapeutic ranch for boys in Utah for over 30 years.
  Individualized Education Programs
Sorenson's Ranch - Individualized education programs for boys and girls.
  Girls Ranch
Sorenson's Ranch For Girls - A girls school for troubled youth and the top therapeutic ranch for girls in Utah for over 30 years.
  About The Area
Sorenson's Ranch, Residential Treatment Center (Utah) - For over 30 years, one of the top camps for troubled teenagers available.
Sorenson's Ranch helps troubled teens regain control of their lives. Struggling teens gain insight and life skills through education and our unique equine therapy program. The ranch helps teens with depression and behavioral problems.
Sorenson's Ranch is a privately owned family business designed to help families reunite and assist in the healing of out of control and at risk teens. Education is a very important part of the program. Sorenson's Ranch is accredited.
  Who We Treat
Sorenson's Ranch - Helping young people with addiction, depression, mood disorders, reactive attachment disorders and more for over 30 years.
  Our Program
Sorenson's Ranch students are assisted with life skills and education. Sorenson's Ranch is accredited with the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. All therapy and clinical services are proviede under the supervision of a licensed mental health provider.
  Clinical Therapy
Sorenson's Ranch, Youth Treatment Center - We offer wilderness therapy programs and excellent multi-faceted treatment for behavioral disorders.
Sorenson's Ranch, Therapeutic Boarding School - A camp for teens in crisis and one of only a few boarding schools in Utah of its kind.
  Experiential Learning
Sorenson's Ranch, Experiential Learning - Problem based learning and experiential education for troubled teens for over 30 years.
  Therapeutic Horse Program
Sorenson's Ranch, Therapeutic Riding - Offering equine psychotherapy (therapeutic horseback riding) to troubled teens for over 30 years.
  4-H Program
Sorenson's Ranch, 4-H Program - Our comprehensive youth development program affords our students the opportunity to participate in the Four H Program.
Sorenson's Ranch, Residential Treatment Facility - One of the top therapeutic boarding schools and youth treatment centers Utah has to offer.
Sorenson's Ranch, Testimonials - One of the top residential treatment centers for teens in Utah. Helping troubled teens for over 30 years.
  Parent Services
Sorenson's Ranch For Troubled Youth - Our teenagers parents can access the status of their children 24/7. Helping troubled youths for over 30 years.
  Admissions Forms
Sorenson's Ranch, Application For Enrollment - Download our admissions packet and parent manual. If you have any questions, call 1-800-455-4590.
  Addiction Treatment
Sorenson's Ranch, Addiction Treatment.
  Behavior Modification
Sorenson's Ranch, Behavior Modification.
  Drug And Alcohol Abuse
Sorenson's Ranch, Drug And Alcohol Abuse.
Sorenson's Ranch, Rehab.
  School For Teens
Sorenson's Ranch, School For Teens.
  Struggling Teenagers
Sorenson's Ranch, Struggling Teenagers.
  Teen Boarding Schools
Sorenson's Ranch, Teen Boarding Schools.
  Teen Depression
Sorenson's Ranch, Teen Depression.
  Teen Drug Abuse
Sorenson's Ranch, Teen Drug Abuse.
  Teen Help
Sorenson's Ranch, Teen Help.
  Treatment Programs
Sorenson's Ranch, Treatment Programs.
  Troubled Teen
Sorenson's Ranch, Troubled Teen.
  Wilderness Programs
Sorenson's Ranch, Wilderness Programs.
  Help For Teens
Sorenson's Ranch, Help For Teens.
  Military School Alternative
Sorenson's Ranch, Military School Alternative.
  Oppositional Defiant
Sorenson's Ranch, Oppositional Defiant.
  Reactive Attachment Disorder
Sorenson's Ranch, Reactive Attachment Disorder.
  Teen Alcohol Abuse
Sorenson's Ranch, Teen Alcohol Abuse.
  Teen Drug Treatment
Sorenson's Ranch, Teen Drug Treatment.

Meet Our Staff

  Shane Sorenson, Owner/Director
  Jill Sorenson, Facilities Administrator
  Layne Bagley, Admissions Director
  Phyllis Bagley, Intake Coordinator/Ombudsman
  David Neslen, Clinical Director, Therapist
  Joy Morris, Ph.D., Therapist, Intern Supervisor
  Jody Brand, Counselor, Group Facilitator
  Sisi Taufatofua, Mental Health Intern, Group Facilitator
  Steve Church, Principal
  Ross Franks, Registrar, Teacher
  Ole Lindgren, Equestrian Prog. Director
  Steve Nielsen, Teacher
  James V. Bagley, Teacher
  Ben Gasser, Teacher
  Bradley Shaw, Teacher
  Tina Somers, Teacher, Special Education
  Rhonda Robinson, Teacher
  Anne Converse Torgerson, Teacher
  Octavia Horton, Student Accountability Supervisor
  Jeff Hatch, Med. Dept. Supervisor
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Sorensons Ranch School is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students.